What Re-Roofing Questions - Do You Need Answers to Right Now? Twin Cities Roofing

Your roof has seen better days. The shingles are breaking, there’s a leak (or a few) and it seems like the repairs are constant. After adding in your roof’s age, the condition of the materials, and the money that it’s costing you just to maintain it, you’re ready to invest in a new one.

Choosing to replace your roof is a major decision, and a major investment. That said, the cost value recoup percentage for most re-roofing projects exceeds 68%. This means you could potentially get 68% of the money you spend back, if and when you decide to sell your home. With that in mind, making sure that the job is done right the first time is absolutely essential.

What do you need to know before you start this major home improvement project? Take a look at some of the top questions that you should ask your roofing contractor. The answers can guide the selection process and make sure that you get exactly what you want out of a roof.

Which Material is the Best Choice?
You may not find a simple answer to this question. Start with the available materials. Ask the contractor what they typically work with and which ones stand up to the weather in your area the best. Not every material works in every area.

Along with location-based wear, you’ll also want to know which materials are the most durable and have the longest lifespan. Keep in mind, some materials vary in how long they last for under typical conditions.

For example, if you’re planning on handing your home down to your children, or even your grandchildren, you may want a roof that will last in the long run even if it’s more expensive.

The specific material you choose may also depend on your house itself. If your home has roof a distinct style that doesn’t match with some materials, the contractor can use their past experiences to steer you away from a roof that will look odd sitting on top of your house.

What Other Work Does the Roof Need?
There are several different parts of a roof. Along with the roofing material, you may need new flashing (metal pieces that cover transition areas, such as joints or the roof-to-chimney space), a roof deck, a water shield, vents, fascia (a board at the end of the roof rafters), or gutters.

If this list seems long, don’t worry. Many owners don’t need all of these items on a new roof. If your roof deck (the wood layer under the shingles, metal or other material) is perfectly fine, you won’t have to spend money replacing it. Likewise, if the gutters are completely intact and fully functional, you may be able to keep the old one on when you get a new roof.

When the roofer inspects your roof, they’ll provide you with the recommended repairs and replacements. Some parts, such as the flashing, may have to come off to put the new roof on.

When Is the Best Time To Repair the Roof?
Barring severe weather, the answer to this question is likely – right now. Extreme cold, snow, ice, and high winds may put your roofing plans on hold. At least, temporarily. Aside from these types of weatherrelated issues, getting a new roof ASAP is preferable over waiting, especially if you’re experiencing something like missing shingles.

If your roof has major leaks or is in need of constant repairs, the sooner you replace it the better. No one wants to line their attic with pots and pans just to catch the leaking water. Aside from the annoyance that a roof leak brings, if left unchecked the invading water can rot the wooden rafters, destroy plaster, or cause a mold problem.

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